Why learn how to combine Dermaplaning with Chemical Peels?

This class was designed for dermaplaning practitioners who want to expand and add on to the services offered to their clients by combining dermaplaning with chemical peels. Explore how physical and chemical exfoliation treatments complement each other and how blending them will reach deeper into the skin to target an array of imperfections and how this dynamic combination provides a potent remedy for clients desiring deeper more substantial improvements in their skin. Gain the knowledge needed to design treatments using a multifaceted approach that can target your client’s unique needs and provide transformative results. Increase your level of expertise and become a more skilled professional today!

  • Learn about the science behind the Use of AHA’s BHA’s and other caustic chemical solutions, so that you understand the role between PH, mechanism of action and acid concentrations

  • Learn how to provide deeper treatments to target and correct an array of stubborn skin conditions that superficial exfoliation techniques cannot

  • Learn universal treatment protocols for combining treatments that are compatible with any product manufacturer so you can expand your service offerings and grow your skills

  • Understand and determine which treatments to combine to create the desired results and how to master a two-step approach for deeper exfoliation that is personalized for your client.

  • Explore different exfoliation treatments and functions alongside of indications and contraindications to assure safety and efficacy, including chemical exfoliants, microdermabrasion and dermaplaning

  • Learn how chemical and physical exfoliation treatments complement each other and how to combine them to deliver transformative long-lasting results

Generate higher sales and profits with Dermaplaning

Incorporate the benefits of these treatments into a single power treatment that delivers incredible results to your client base. This class is a career investment opportunity that will increase client retention and create lifelong customers. Maximize revenue and profitability with this proven money making treatment.

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Who is this class for?

After completing The Dermaplaning with Chemical Peels and Enzymes Class you will receive a certificate of completion to display and add to your personal portfolio. This is a great way to let your clients know how important professional training and education is to you and your business.

  • ESTHETICIANS- who want to generate higher sales and profits

  • DERMAPLANING PRACTITIONERS- who want to provide a higher level of service

  • SKIN CARE SPECIALISTS- who want to increase loyalty and referrals

  • SPA OWNERS- who want to bring in additional revenue and new clients

  • BEAUTY PROFFESIONALS- who want to advance their career and stay ahead of the competition

Certificate of Completion

Upon successful course completion you will be prompted to download your personalized Certificate of Completion to add to your professional portfolio!

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. Quality Education vs Product Education

    3. Practice Standard and Precautions

    4. Scope of Practice

    5. Safety Guidelines

    6. Injury Protocol

    7. Chemical Irritation

    8. Dermaplaning with Enzymes and Chemical Peels Manual

    9. Combined Treatments Promotional Flyer

    1. Overview of Exfoliation Treatments

    2. Understanding Chemical Exfoliation

    3. Understanding Physical Exfoliation

    4. What Makes Exfoliation Effective

    5. Chemical Peel Consent Form

    6. Dermaplaning Consent Form

    7. Confidential Medical Profile

    1. Microdermabrasion

    2. Microdermabrasion Benefits

    3. Microdermabrasion Contraindications

    4. Dermaplaning

    5. Dermaplaning Benefits

    6. Cleanse and Prep the Skin

    7. The Dermaplaning Treatment

    8. Dermaplaning the Face

    9. Protocol: Dermaplaning

    10. Post Care Instructions

    1. Enzyme Peels

    2. Benefits of Enzymes

    3. Types of Enzymes

    4. Enzymes vs Acids

    5. Overview of Stacking Treatments

    6. Dermaplaning with Enzymes

    7. Protocol: Enzyme Peel with Dermaplaning After

    8. Protocol: Dermaplaning with Enzyme Peel After

    1. Chemical Peels

    2. Peel Selection

    3. PH Levels

    4. Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA's)

    5. Glycolic Acid

    6. Lactic Acid

    7. Other AHA's

    8. Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHA's)

    9. Salicylic Acid

    10. Peel Depth and Frosting

    11. Neutralizing

    12. Chemical Peel Cheat Sheet

    1. Prepping the Skin

    2. Skin Assessment

    3. Pre-Treatment Checklist

    4. Chemical Peel Benefits

    5. Chemical Peel Contraindications

    6. What to Expect During Treatment

    7. Hyperpigmentation vs Melasma

    8. Ethnic Skin

    9. Benefits of Combining Dermaplaning with Chemical Peels

    10. Discomfort and Erythema

    11. Peel Guidelines Chart

    12. Pre-Peel Preparation

    13. Protocol: Combining Physical and Chemical Exfoliation

    14. Combining Treatments Demonstration

    15. Physiological Skin Changes

    16. Post Procedure Instructions

    17. Post Care Handout

About this course

  • $197.00
  • 66 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

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